Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mr Rose's Garden - a poem

A poem wrote by myself for a presentation at the local Nova Scotia Art Gallery in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, in June of 2013

Four Seasons of Mr. Rose’s Garden

New beginnings merge from black earth

Spring air tastes delicious with dew

Mr. Rose smiles at growing flowers

Watching to procrastinate his heaven

Time passes Summer over paradise

Skies sing with the bee hive blessings

Deviously mixing cut grass with flower’s perfume

 An abundance impatiently waits

Autumn arrives twisting, spiraling down

Filling the garden with a mirage of leaves

The gardener watches each day fade

A reminder to pack his spade away

Winter bulbs sleep beneath snow

A blue twinge rises to icy foliage

Evergreen pines whisper in the wind

Blowing a drift across the walking path

Sleeping under Roses hide

Waiting to spring again
© Beverly Wells-Pinkney, All rights reserved.

Christmas Gifts

"Yes I believe in Santa. Every year he finds a way to remind me that its not the gift, but the Spirit of giving that counts."
~Beverly Wells-Pinkney

Again in time I am at the place of the Solstice, looking forward to the remaining darkness in the Light of the coming New Year. With the recent storms, family obligations, stocking up with goods for the winter months, I haven't been writing too much for this blog. My apologies...

I was  talking to a friend recently who told me she lost her earring while shopping. It was a special gift from her sister, so precious. She retraced her steps to a local book store to ask the matron if it had been found. While she spoke, she glanced down at a cup rack to see the end of the earring sticking out from underneath! She was very happy... I told her it was a sign of faith that she had found something so small lost in the middle of Christmas shopping ,for sure! I told her about my lost earring...I was standing at my dresser holding both earrings in one hand while trying to put one on. Suddenly I dropped one. I looked for 30 minutes for it on my rug, but never found it. I know its there, I can't see it, but it never went away totally. Some day I'll be stepping across to my bed and stick it into my toe. A act of faith also ♥

Have a Wonderful Holiday, everyone ♥