Monday, July 8, 2013

Sapphires on the Beach

Sapphire's are only one of the common semi-precious stones found on local Nova Scotia beaches. I stumbled onto this nice sample on one of my sandy walks back in 2012 in Sandford, Nova Scotia. The blue crystals were among the larges stones on the rocky coast and I was glad I took the time to climb among the rocks and find them ♥
Here's a short video about sapphires, me and how to find a stone! Hope you will enjoy ☼



Always nice to have 'watchers' in my blog. Thanking all the nice people out there who take time to look over my writes ♥




                                             ( Molly and Silver playing in the orchard)
I'm lucky enough to live in a house with a babbling brook to listen too, fields to play in and a old  orchard to tend. Many evenings are spent sitting under the old trees in meditation while the song birds and water sooth the spirit, body and mind.
 My pets like to join me in the solitude, also.





I've always been in love with trees! As a child, I lived in a house that was surrounded by giant Chestnut trees. It was fun to climb among the twisted branches and snuggle in the crooks of the bows. On rainy days, one could stand under a green canopy umbrella and enjoys the summer storms. I often noticed that the trees will show them-selves among the bark and bows with a natural wood face. Next time you pass a tree, look to say 'hello' to a earth friend!

(A 'knotty' face)
                                                        (What do you imagine with-in?)