Friday, February 15, 2013

Memories in Light

I've had to add this beautiful photo of a prism caught in a diamond. I've always looked to the Light. Remembering my afternoon's as a child, hidden away in the attic of the large 4 apartment building that  my Great Grand Mother and Grand Mother rented, I can still see the dust dancing thru the gleaming sky, casting a gentle shadow in my imagination. The old attic had two rooms that were used in the 'old days' for the maid to live in. It had a rusted old bed against one wall and a broken wicker chair for my dolls to sit on.

The morning light was the best as the sun rose thru the window into the old rough boarded floor, casting the light into a beam that passed into the other room beyond. As it emanated, it twisted to reveal a prism that danced along the edge of the beam.  realizing, as a child does, it vibrated the air with a energy that erupted into a thought in my small mind. A remembrance, a story, a memory, or a time. To remember that the light is in itself, time...