Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer Fun? Blaaaaaa!

Well...I;m back on-line, for now, but have spent most of the summer sick with a un-known infection in my stomach lining. I started back in June just after I went back to work at the ferry terminal. By July I was off and I still am taking tests( ultra sound, cat scan ,blood work, ect) but no answer yet.  My stomach was swelled so bad at one point that I looked pregnant!  Its gone down a bit now but nothing fits right.
The kids have been great  and have taking me out many times for shopping, hospital visits and a family wedding at Ellenwood park. Most of my time has been spent sleeping in the house with 0 energy.

In my depressed state, I tried to make a visit to see my 1st husband in I hadn't seen him for 7 years. He's there on a life sentence with no hope of ever getting out...just to make me feel better. What did I find out? He;s not there anymore....probably died and me not told. Crap. I decided to wear his ring in protest. I was supposed to be notified if he died or was executed.
 We were married back in 1977 on my birthday. A month later he was catch and incarcerated. I had known him sense a infant and he was there most of the time taking care of me with my Great Grand Mother Adele sense birth.
 When I was 6 years old and he was 10 years, he was kidnapped from the apartment he lived in with a guardian and not seen for years. He was made a part of a cult in New York State that preyed on children. All the member were kept drugged, molested and afraid to tell anything as noone could be trusted in the small out-skirted community they lived in. When he escaped at 15 years old, he spent most of the time on the street till he found his way back to Yarmouth1971, hiding out with people in Yarmouth. In A year later , we found each other again. And spent many happy times filled with fun with my friends. When I turned 16, we decided  we would get married.
After, We found out he was accused of killing 40 people at a party in Albany with poison  plus a child boiled alive. It wasn't til we were married that the law catch up with him as the wedding certificate was registered with Canadian Goverment.
Did he do it? I'm not sure if the person I knew would or not....
So Bobby James, I miss you still...

Bobby James -blond guy attending KISS concert.