Saturday, February 6, 2010


Been living in frozen conditions for the last 2 week...temperatures of minus -10C have been creating havic for me and others.Everyone has frozen pipes, frozen cars and frozen feet because nothing seems to warm up...even : (
February is always the frostest month for us in Nova Scotia and soon, I hope, April will be here and the Sun will start to warm the ground for planting. I've been thinking about my seed stash and wondering what the soil in my new home will yield. Never got much time to collect sea-weed in Fall , still hoping I will soon be able to see the beach from under its blanket of thick ice ,to be able to go with buckets and collect some to spread out before its time to till the ground. I did manage to have some herbs and perennials planted last summer when I finally decided this was where I wanted to be so some work is done ☼

Short Beach, Nova Scotia