Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wild Black Bears in Nova Scotia?

I found this information on black bears in my area and had to share it with you.
 I've always considered them my spirit animal guide so a bit humorous...
Hope you enjoy.

Black Bears Live Near You

When bears come into a residential area they are usually looking for food.
 Bears like to eat many of the same foods we enjoy, so we need to be careful
 about how we handle food and food waste to minimize the odours that attract
When a bear smells food odours coming from a green cart, garbage container,
or even a barbecue, the bear regards this as a convenient source of food and
it will return to the site again and again. Not only is this annoying for us,
 it means the bear will become dependent on people for food and may
 become invasive and destructive.
Bear Facts black bear
what attracts bears
I spotted a bear

Living with Black Bears