Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7,2010

March Maddness...been trying to get some things done around the yard with the mild weather finally here. Plus 4 right now and the frost is quickly evaporating off the wood pile I left uncovered yesterday. Our road froze on Wednesday with the snow we had so I was able to get my car home. The road still isn't the best and heavy logging equipment still is off limits. I hear  chain saw somewhere in the distance yesterday so still activity going on.Guess they'll have the logs ready for when the road is open again. The horses are enjoying the mild weather ,too and have started to shed their winter coats. Lots of brushing ahead of me there. Soon I'll be riding again.
I decided to put a larger sill on my front window so I can start some seeds for my garden. Been going thru them and deciding what to plant. Can hardly wait to till the soil and get started ... : )