Thursday, October 25, 2012

Up-date- Soul Shift and Revelation and Me ♥

Soul Shift- Consumer to Steward... what is our relationship with possessions? Worldliness or Godliness? The talk was about how we all feel we need possessions to be accepted by others when in fact we need only to accept our-self with the higher power as our 'keeper', thats all we really need, right? In the mean-time, our needs for shelter, food, enlightenment have to be dealt with from out-side sources. Do we really NEED a big TV? Or the latest technical wonder of a computer? Most will say yes, one of each, please... Thank you, TY! I only really need to find that next piece of Spiritual gold ...: )
Talking about this with the group, one man at our study told a story of how his foster child in Hatiti's life was ruined because he bought him a goat as a special gift one year at Xmas. It was a special campaign done by the organization that sponsored the orphanage where he stayed. The boy literally disappeared with the goat, never to be seen again. This poor man is devastated because he gave the child, 13 yrs old, something he wouldn't of been able to afford other-wise. A lesson for us all, be careful what you really need to make yourself happy.

Revelation -chapter 7
The symbolism of the 12,000 or God's chosen people... many variations of what this means, the mark of X on God's chosen's forehead... I wonder? Only the Christ can see this and spare them from the apocalypse. I remember when I was 8 years old being 'saved' as a child in a small church in South End where I grew up. I ,being born & raised a Catholic ,had been invited by my 2rd cousin's to attend church with them on Sunday. I was visting with my mother& siblings at the time, so she never noticed when I disappeared up the road with them. The church was packed with people, all singing and praising God. I was not like a service I had ever attended before! I was very excited with all of them that Jesus was with us, right there in that church. The time came to go up and give yourself to christ. My cousin's told me to go up and kneel at the altar. I hurried up and told the preacher that I wanted to give my life to Christ, something I always dreamt about, after all, I had already said I wanted to be a Catholic Sister. He saved me, right then and there! Everyone was happy, telling me how precious I was. As we were leaving the Church, a woman with a buckskin horse was waiting outside the door. I eyes popped! I had always dreamed of having my own horse. She was letting the children pat the horse. I went over and someone lifted me to the saddle of the mount! Next thing I knew the reins were in my hand and I was riding that horse down the road! All my myself! What a great gift I recieved that day! My Mother was furious when the horse reached our driveway! She open the door of the house and ordered me me off that 'animal'. The woman who owned the horse arrived to take me off and was I in trouble with my Mother.
The morale for me? I did what I needed to do...I left home, made friends with people I liked, accept the Divine, took a first step, disappointed my family and received God into my life...just like Jesus did...

                                                 Ecc 3:17