Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mr Rose's Garden - a poem

A poem wrote by myself for a presentation at the local Nova Scotia Art Gallery in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, in June of 2013

Four Seasons of Mr. Rose’s Garden

New beginnings merge from black earth

Spring air tastes delicious with dew

Mr. Rose smiles at growing flowers

Watching to procrastinate his heaven

Time passes Summer over paradise

Skies sing with the bee hive blessings

Deviously mixing cut grass with flower’s perfume

 An abundance impatiently waits

Autumn arrives twisting, spiraling down

Filling the garden with a mirage of leaves

The gardener watches each day fade

A reminder to pack his spade away

Winter bulbs sleep beneath snow

A blue twinge rises to icy foliage

Evergreen pines whisper in the wind

Blowing a drift across the walking path

Sleeping under Roses hide

Waiting to spring again
© Beverly Wells-Pinkney, All rights reserved.
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