Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Up-date ♥

I can't believe its been a month sense I've up-dated...! I've completed my move to Lake Darling on March 28 and just love it! I have a beautiful view and all my critters are getting used to the New surroundings. I've also have had time to enjoy my new surroundings as work at the Plant has been a bit slow but will soon be 12 hour shifts again...(((sigh)))
I got to met the new owners of Churchill Mansion today. Their working hard to get it renovated. Lots to do but the Mansion looks awesome so far. Heres a link to their "like" page on

Churchill Mansion
I'm still doing Spiritual readings at home plus booking at the Whole You Shop in Yarmouth. Just ask for me when you call for a appointment. If anyone wants to contact me about what I offer my number is 902-649-2310