Thursday, September 27, 2012

Revelation with Beth Moore -part 2

Anyone know what this is? I bought at the Sally-Anne store...

This Thursday morning, I attended my Ladies study group at the Church again. After some grapes and coffee, we 30+ woman divided into smaller groups and we went over our home work from last week. One topic was to note a phrase that struck with us in our home study. Mine was verse Revelation 1:8 “I am the Alpha and Omega. Who is, was and is to come." Now isn't that a reincarnation quote if you ever heard one? I thought so, but never mentioned it, not knowing how anyone else attending felt about such things... I did noticed as we progressed with the home work that most seemed to think the Christ would appear at the apocalypse in super-natural form to save the good Christians with everyone else doomed to hell fire. O My! That’s not what I think as I’ve always felt if we are supposed to survive we would. Our faith, instinct or intuition would save us. I like to refer this to story I heard back in grade school about a survivor of the atom bomb dropped on Tokyo. A man ducked down behind a wall to like his smoke, just as the bomb was dropped and survived while hundreds around him perished. Thats a miracle! Now to me, it'could' happen, if we have a holocaust, like some think we will.

After the home-work talk we went back into our main room to watch the video for lesson 2, Revelation 1:9-20 where the apostle John gets a vision from a Christ form. From the description of the proverb I could en-vision my Tree of Life again. 7 stars and 7 churches, to me meant 7 planets and 7 energy points. Energy points you might say? Could be on the body- like chakras, on the earth- like ley-lines or points in the solar system-other planets maybe(?)... I must dream more on this one but I do feel a pattern here...
Beth Moore went on the talk about how "we must stand in the spine of the Christ". Powerful, I thought...She also mentioned the word Ego Aimee. Tears welled to my eyes and I looked around me quickly to see if anyone noticed me... My thoughts went back to 5 years ago when in a meditation a voice spoke to me and called 'Aime". I wondered at the time if it was Amy? Or aim me? It WAS Aimee... the I AM.
Loves U 2, Universe .
John 14:15-17