Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Pitch

The Pitch

The Pitch is on the Tusket River in Kemptville, Nova Scotia where I used to live in the 1990's. Its been 10 years sense I last saw the Pitch. Walking about 6 km onto the forest it was very peaceful. At the Tusket River where the Pitch I spent most of the afternoon sitting around, listening to the sounds of the River and trying to imagine what it would of been live here two hundred years ago when people traveled the road by stage coach and crossed the wooden bridge on their way to Shelburne county. The stones with one old wooden rafter ( pictured above) are all that remains of that bridge. On the other side beyond view is a old road to Quinan,a community still very much populated and many of my friends live there.The main road to kemptville community is now far away from this spot. Only the canoers, hikers and 4x4 wheelers venture here now. It will probably be a while before I get back here again with work and trips planned for this year. Hoping to go back in the Spring when there aren't so many ferns to explore the old town along the river called Crowell Town and get some photos of the remains I found long ago when I lived here.

                                                            (Remains of old bridge)

Solar Lights

I was talking to a high school graduate who tild me we are going to experience a pole shift soon. I told her that its already taken place...the poles with-in our planet have moved.The scientists know.I wonder when it will be annouced?