Monday, February 11, 2013

A Tantric Experience

What is Tantric?

Tantra is a radically positive form of insanity. An alchemy of Human Transformation which allows us to re-create ourselves limitlessly within the kaleidoscopic pattern of moments that comprise our lives.


It’s the touch of a finger stroke on the back of your hand. The electricity of a breath blown lightly across your chest. A feather dropped onto your bare back, sliding down to the base of your spine.


Tantra is the fast path to enlightenment, a direct shot to the summit. To practice Tantra we must scale the sheer face of the mountain without safeguards. Naked we ascend free of conflicting emotions and neurotic expectations.

Tantric is an orgasm of needles thru your asleep hand, a pinch of flesh between your fingers, a wet spot on your belly button.


Other paths lead around and around the mountain weighted down with the trappings of codified philosophy and illogical systems of ethics. With no end in sight and no experienced guide to lead the way success is unlikely.


Tantric is the path, Yoga is our map and the Lama our experienced guide. With growing confidence we climb ever quicker and at last transformation becomes tangible. But Tantric is not a destination; it is just a path and a risky one at that.


Enlightenment is both our destination and destiny. The ultimate achievement that brings to an end countless life times of suffering and despair.  A coupling of the minds thru touch. A Spirituality of Love