Thursday, October 17, 2013

Survival in Our Time

I often wonder what would happen if suddenly everything electric on earth stopped working...we would be , over night, thrown back into a time of candles and eating out of a can. Next day, everyone would be screaming they couldn't work on-line,watch TV or make pop tarts. With-in a few week, people who knew how would have to make a fire to cook and search for drinkable water wondering what or who to eat next while the other walked to the nearest town to find out if there was help to do that... A sad situation for humanity...
What would you do if this happened? Its time to figure it out and to start preparing... just in case...

Off Grid Survival

Half of all Americans Won’t Survive 2 Weeks without Electricity

A new study conducted by World Net Daily, looked into the overall preparedness level of the American public; what they found is pretty troubling. Almost 50% of the people who were polled said they would not be able to survive for more than 2 weeks without the electricity. An astonishing 75% of them said they would be dead within two months.
What’s most shocking about the survey, is the fact that most Americans realize how unprepared they are, but are still not willing to take the steps they need to take to ensure their survival. If you know you would be dead in a matter of weeks, doesn’t it make sense to do something to safeguard yourself from that threat?
The threat is very real, and experts are growing concerned over the possible failure of our infrasturcture.
power grid lines

Surviving with No Water