Saturday, December 27, 2014

Finding the Perfect Spot

  - - - 
I remember back years ago now, when I was trying to learn to meditate.  I started with
 pre-recorded guided meditations. These usually try to lead you back to that perfect 
spot in your consciousness and find a symbol of importance to the mediator. A focus point
 of sorts. Sometimes it was an animal guide, a symbol of childhood of God or just
 a missing part of what you need to succeed. I usually found a cupcake…
 I do not know it I needed a cupcake; it was a symbol for me of something 
I looked forward to, a sweet treat.
I soon got bored of meditating that way, even though it does help beginners to
learn to focus. I began to look for others in meditation groups. I was lucky enough
 to find on Face Book some Buddhist practitioners who found me a local group
 of wonderful friends, Buddhists who were willing to take me in and teach me the silence.
 The wonderful silence…. I remember the first gatherings to practice and the literature
 I received to help me. The practice was to sit comfortable in a quiet spot, relax, 
count to 21, then start again. I did this every day for at least 15 minutes and Sundays
 we practiced at the center for two + hours once a week. I learned walking meditation,
 received sessions with other teachers on Buddhist teachings to help me and found
 a new family.

With the meditation, I soon realized how our mind is constantly in shifting thoughts. Even when we are thinking there is always the sub-conscious adding to the internal conversations. We do not realize this until we begin to slow down the jumble consultations our mind puts on for us. Its endless what we can realize once we do quiet that un-needed thought.
So slow down, listen to the parley and learn we can listen   : )

Link to Basic Meditation-Learn How to Center