Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Nova Star Cruises Voyage!

I was privileged to have a turn trip cruise July 8 & 9 on the Nova Star from Yarmouth. Our day started foggy, with the bug light at Bunker's Island, John's Cove beach and Cape Forchu Light house showing themselves thru the mist self on the pass by.
Bug Light
John's Cove

Cape Forchu

The water's were fairly calm on the crossing to Portland. I was able to take advantage of the Aqua Room activities which included a new release movie, Monument Men and a on-ship Bingo game, winning, too!
The food was wonderful in Fathons Buffet and the formal Dining room was wonderful as well. There's also a sport's bar with 2 large screen TV's for the guy's. I liked the piano lounge, personally, at the stern of the ship and was able to watch porpoises jumping all the way to USA.
I was invited to visit the bridge of the ship and meet the first Mate to see how the vessel is run. I even got to sit in Captain John Payne's  chair!

 We arrived in Portland just after 7pm, checked thru customs and were back on the ocean in time to see the harbour at sun-set. It was beautiful!
 I tried my luck in the casino, watched the disco for a while, drank a Labatt's Blue and settled in the the night trip home, rocked to sleep by the waves ♥
That morning I enjoyed a buffet breakfast with just about everything you can think of and was home by 8:30am. Loved it and can't wait to travel the Nova Star again soon.

Here's some other shots of the trip. Enjoy!

A Video for You!