Saturday, September 14, 2013

How to Find Your Holy Grail

                                                                Wood's Walk video by Me ♥

1~Recognize your deep need to find the Holy Grail. Only when your desire to find the grail is all-consuming will you be truly prepared to set off on your search. If you can't tell whether you would rather watch TV or search for the Holy Grail, you probably aren't prepared to start your search.

2~Establish yourself as a hero or heroine. In all traditional Holy Grail searches, only a true hero can actually recognize and keep the Holy Grail at the end of a search. In today's gender-equal culture, a heroine can search for the Holy Grail as well. Either way, you must be sure that you are spiritually and mentally mature before you can expect to find the Holy Grail.
3~Determine what you think the Holy Grail actually is. Because nobody has ever seen the Holy Grail, this step could be somewhat difficult. According to Christian tradition, the Holy Grail is a cup or chalice Jesus used at the Last Supper. It may not be a cup at all...What do you use to represent it? There has always been some confusion about the shape of the actual vessel. In recent years, the term "holy grail" has been used metaphorically to apply to all elusive dreams. Even if you have a burning desire to search for the Holy Grail, you need to decide what it actually is before you begin searching for it.
4~Figure out whether anyone can serve as your spiritual guide. A quest of this nature could involve some supernatural elements, and you need all the help you can get. If you know anyone with strong spiritual abilities, try to convince them to give you some advice and moral support before your search.
5~Consider where the Holy Grail might actually be, depending on what you think it is. Your spiritual guide might be able to help you brainstorm locations in which to quest.
6~Prepare to cross a threshold into a supernatural world as you set off for the supposed location of the Holy Grail. Like many other heroes and heroines of the past, you may face threats from supernatural forces, terrible weather conditions, gruesome monsters and other unnatural phenomena. Know that these are just routine parts of your quest.

FINALLY~ Have fun and explore your soul connection with the UNIVERSE ♥♥♥