Saturday, October 5, 2013

October Up-date

I've been enjoying the sun this last week, going into Yarmouth 3 different times for Physico, which is going ok. The healing is going slowI've been told I'll have to wear a brace for a while till my lower back is feeling...sigh... its a bit annoying not to be able to do much work around the house and my nights are restless, getting up two or three times because of back pain. I've started doing a bit of extra meditation/breathing exercises every day which helps to focus and relieve the ache. it seems to work but time is what is really needed!
The weight loss is going well, dropping 20 plus pounds over the last 1 months to size 16.Extra water, long walks and low fat cooking helped. I've baked up some low-fat goodies to eat like apple crisp, no fat rye bread ( made with a sponge starter) and steamed everything from fish to chicken over noodles/rice for meals.
I've started taking my husky mix dog,Elfie, on my evening walks by Allen's Lake. He's getting older,like me, and has slowed down the last year or so. My younger dog,Molly, likes to pull too much on the leash, so she gets her evening runs behind the house in the field with the horses, which she loves ♥ I made a little video about some of the local geodes I've found below...hope you enjoy ♥

                                                         ( Dark Rye from starter)

                                                      Geode Video : )