Monday, October 1, 2012


If we watch the Sky, touch the Earth and listen with our hearts, we will find God in everything. Look for the 'normal'.

Missing my Thai Women

"I have simply tried to do what seemed best everyday as each day came."
~Abraham Lincoln

Another September is done. I took time today to capture some Fall colors on my walk by the lake and in the yard at home. Thank you, God, for making my life so beautiful!

It’s been a year now sense I last seen my Thai friend, Som Jean. After Royal Harbor plant closed, the Thai woman went to work in PEI at another fish processing facility. I had many phone calls from her till after Christmas last year; then Som Jean and some of the other Thai women to work in Ontario. We talked on-line a few times till 2 months ago when I lost contact. Her Facebook account is still open but no new broken? Not sure: (

I miss her lots. She was one of the first Thai women I communicated with when they arrived. We shared lunches, notes of mixed language, broken English/Thai conversation, knowing looks, then thoughts. The woman and I often sang in Thai on the processing line, entertainment for those around us. It was very funny to experience for everyone and we all grew to love each other as sisters.
The Thai women came on many shopping trips with me to Meteghan and Yarmouth, stopping to experience my house, coffee talk and to meet my pets. They would 'cook' for me bringing me to their home with a once-a-month parcel arriving from their home land filled with Asian herbs, cooking supplies and a gift for me, usually, of something special : ) They explained in broken English and gestures what each item was used for, often giving a sample to try. I would bring in for them local sweet/medicinal herbs for them to experience, too. We all grew onions in pots all winter, having local fresh herb tea for colds from what we learned about Nova Scotia wilderness.

I still have a note for me in runic style Thai and smile when I look at it, remembering what it said with a laugh. Miss you all's muchly, especially my Som Jean.

A few of the Thai Woman and Me. Som Jean is by my left shoulder ♥
Allen Lake
Allen Lake