Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rock Find

Last March I happened on a rock in my area after having a dream about it. It had several carving on it and on talking to local people, noone had documented it. I contacted local Historian, Terry Doucet, who on examining it said it was at least 700 years old and was probley carved by Portuegese who fished these waters long before the French landed and named it Arcadia.I was inspired to write this poem about my find...hope you enjoy!

Quest Divine

I read what no man sees
A vision comforts me
Of the name on the rock
Long has it lived in my soul

Steps echo the past
Sending light to guide
Knowing of purpose fills my heart
As I walk the paths of Mir

Turning,spiriling,twisting thoughts
Lead straight to shadowed quest
Hidden in minds mangled maze
The wave’s stillness smooths

Tame to calm the beast with-in
Centre is found with reconcile
Now before the stone I stand
The glow my spirit has seeked

Sweet water stands to taste its wine
From the cup my lips reveal
O Moon, O Sun together in one
Fruits of the mystery tree combined

The stone of which the sword I pull
Its tip hints of mica shards
The knowledge of self fills my heart
The gift is mine Divine