Friday, May 20, 2011

May 2011 Up-date

Its May 20th already...we're had almost 2 weeks of rain and only 2 chances to mow grass...thankfully I was able to both times! Everything is nice and green but my seeds I've planted have gone moldy mostly. Those plants transplanted into the garden are doing great though so not a total loss at gardening yet ☼ My newest grand daughter, Payton, was born May 11th at 8lbs 11ozs. A beautiful girl with a smile yet like mommie Tiffany had as a baby ♥
I've added to my collection of healing stones this month.
I was able to get out to the beach off port Maitland at the first of the month and luckly to find a beautiful White Quartz geode which weights about 10 lbs! Forutnately also I was able to carry it the 20 minutes back to my car...THANK YOU UNIVERSE ; )
I also aquire a Celestite geode to add to my collection of healing stones from a local seller's on-line store named The Purple Vortex. Its a beautiful stone which has many healing qualities.
quote-"Its known to expand creativity and the expression of such through initiating ease of communication with the higher realms, Celestite has often been used by those in the arts. It is believed that the stone decreased negativity by putting an end to stress, anxiety, worry and fear, while helping to put a focus on the spiritual, thus attracting goodness and purity. It has been known to accelerate spiritual development, stimulate clairvoyant communication, aid in dream recall and astral travel, and to bring one a general sense of peace."

I've also just finished a poem titled 'Silken Blossoms' for the June 4th pairing exhibit at the Yarmouth Museum. Hoping local friends can come out and enjoy all the lovely work of local artist and poets.
Celeslite Geode
White Quartz Geode