Friday, August 22, 2014

Hazel Stos

Back in the Winter of 2008, I was searching for something missing in my spirituality. Not knowing exactly what it was, I was asked by an employee of the Yarmouth SPCA, if I knew about a group of women practicing 'something' in the back woods of Springdale, NS. I didn't think I had heard of this group of practitioners and was unfamiliar with what exactly they studied. She arranged for me a phone call from a member and I was soon invited to a new member meeting to be 'checked out'.
I arrived at the home with members present, only to realize I already knew two of them sense almost childhood! The third attending member was Hazel. She and I talked much over the next 6 years. We shared beach combing, shopping, trips to Meteghan for lunch and weekly house details at her place. Not to mention weekly chats in our exclusive Spirituality study group, inspired by Edgar Cayce, a 20th century prophet.

I was very sad to hear of her passing and wanted to share a short video made at her home. I'm glad I made it...even if she says only a few short words, she is deeply missed...