Friday, September 27, 2013

Street Hockey Championship's.... cont.

There's lots more spectators down town in Yarmouth this morning taking in the games. I stood for a hour or so, videoing, chatting with team member's and drinking a free Tim Horton's coffee in the warm sun.
It happened I met the guys from CBC radio. We chatted a few minutes before I realized I knew one of the announcers from my school days! I was surprised that he has a 'stage name'...I won't say which one but I bet my old child-hood friend's will know who it is from Junior High by look'in!  ; )

The play offs are going well with girls and guy teams. Participating. I always loved hockey and watched many "Hockey Night in Canada"games curled up on the couch in my Grand Mother's house as a child. She would crochet, grumbling when it wasn't going well for the Maple Leaf's and screaming when they scored...waking me sometimes as I dozed, waiting for the end to see who won. I wasn't hard to tell if her team didn't win...