Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday Holiday Maddness ???

Spending this morning waiting for my furnace to be cleaned and ready for the winter season, I made a list for some shopping as the local $1 store is going out of business and everything is 50 cents! I left the dishes in the sink after the furnace repair man left. When I arrived, the local Mall was hopping with people buying last minute Halloween candy and looking at the Christmas decorations in the next row of shelving... you got to love this time of year : ) I didn't dare to wear my memorial day poppy, yet, as I hear its not approved of. So far I've bought 3 to carry in the car so I won't forget to put one on...Remembrance Day is November 11 here in Canada so the 1st of the month is traditional.
 Looking though the crowded Dollar store, I was surprised to see many old friends there, looking for that perfect pick-me-up item that this shop offers those strapped to a fixed income. I selected a few thermometers, hand towels, several 1 litre bottles of Coke(yes...50 cents each!)and some Xmas wrapping paper plus bows.
The wait for the registered was only 1 hour as they only had one working!Just like Christmas!

Any way, I'm wishing everyone here a Happy Ghoulie Day and keep the candles burning...just in case the Great Pumpkin is looking to find you...or is that Santa???