Friday, September 16, 2011

Ecovillage Revisited ♥

Those of you who know me well will remember back in early November of 2008 when I first saw the energy pyramid. I was driving along highway 1 in Darling Lake on a trip to the store in Portmaitland when I suddenly looked to my right across the lake. There on a distant hill I seen a pyramid of light. I pulled over to look at what I was observing. I then realized that there were piles of dirt on the distant hill.' What the heck? ', I thought...
When I got to the store, I asked the clerk if she knew what was going on behind Darling Lake. She told me some people from Germany were going to build a Eco-village there.
Wow...Myself, being who I am, on the next available day off I drive in as far as I could ,then walked the remaining 1km into the site. Noone was around but I did find a shod house, a outside eating area with furniture made of logs, a 'Sun Circle' and an ancient protection charm hung on the end of a shed. "Druid's!" I thought. Was I excited! I couldn't wait to meet them, even if they weren't home...It looked like they may have been gone for the Winter. I decided to leave a note on the shod house door and do a meditation in the Sun Circle. When I walked into the circle, I realized this was the vortex of the energy pryamid I had seen. I looked up into the sky above me and could 'see' the swirling of the entrance. How exciting. I stayed about 30 minutes then went home.

Asking later again in the Community I found out that the people would be back in Spring plus their web-site. I contacted them and they gave their permission for me to be a 'guardian' while they were gone. Sense then I have made good friends at Eliopoli. So far the eco-village hasn't been built as the local building inspectors keep coming up with reasons NOT to live in shod houses...: (

Today as I was driving to the village on one of my regular trips. I decided to stop and take a picture of the pyramid(not everyone will be able to see this) As I stood by my car a older man across the street came over to me all excited. "Did you see him?", he said loudly.I looked at him. He looked like a nice man...I wondered what he refered to. "Do you mean the Germans?" I asked." No, the eagle.",he said. Looking again towards the hills a white spot caught my eye. "He's there in the top of the tree." he said. "I've been watching him for days." Going to get my binoculars from the car, he pointed to the spot I had seen. In the top of the tree was a very large bald eagle. As I watched him, suddenly I thought I saw a red chakra on his throat. I had never seen this before. THEN, SUDDENLY the eagle turned into a prism of light. I was shocked! I wanted to scream and tell the old man ( now Mr Bain) but never. He never said he seen what I did.I watched the 'prism' in the tree. It stayed that way for a few minutes then turned back to a eagle! Wow! Mr Bain said he wondered how long the eagle would stay. I told him as long as the hunting was good. We also then saw a small barred hawk, which dived into the field and caught himself a lunch...right on clue.Mr Bain smiled at me as he walked back home and I smiled as I thought of the miracle the Universe constantly provides me : )

As for my German friends and their plight.This people that want to live there are battling this community with all they have. They are gentle kind persons who want to have freedom of religion with acceptence. I hope the eagle I have seen is a 'sign' for them.

I visit the site often, to meditate and look up into the vortex of light the leyline provides.Love & Light to guide them ♥
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