Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 5,2011

Been feeling the crunch of the Yule Holidays ...all that dark chocolate, spiced-rum eggnog and other delicacies have taken their toll so I decided to start my diet on January 1st... after my annual meal of creamed lobster of course ♥

So far so good. I've been keep a diary and sticking to a 1800 calorie daily intake. I refuse to limit myself so a treat of choclete or chips is! So far i've lost 5 lbs.

Now I'm old enough and been on many diets in my life so I know this sudden weight loss isn't going to be this fast for long. I've tried to include a extra long daily walk ( with Elf of course) and tonight started a Yoga class with a friend. I've never attempted yoga before so was very amused to find I'm actually more limber that I thought. I could get my leg almost over my head with ease. My friend struggled to do the routine so will have a willing partner to get ready for next class. This is a good thing for me ♥

I'm hoping by next weekend my pants won't be nearly so tight and my Spring I'll be several sizes smaller than I am now... chocolate & chip rations deciding...