Friday, May 17, 2013

Color, Sound and the Esoteric

Artists and designers use color theory to understand the effects of mixing colors. Although the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci contain writings on color theory, most color theorists point to Isaac Newton as the developer of color theory. Swiss artist Johannes Itten expanded upon the work of Newton and others to develop his theory of color. Itten's theory takes into account not only a color's contrasting properties but also its emotional ones. His work was first developed at the Bauhaus. Artists and designers continue to refer to and use his work to this day.

~Color experience is for anyone who wants to know more about theory and how it applies to the design of news. Color is arranged into the experience so that the viewer  respond to color in a physiological way.
For example, an artist is allowed to change colors in paintings and news pages to alter the meaning and mood; the viewer is taken through an exercise on after-image where it is explained through a hands-on exercise why we see green, a complementary color, after staring at red, a primary color; and the viewer is able to demonstrate on their own how changing a color’s background, or environment, can change the color’s tone, brilliance and intensity.
All the sensory input we get through the 5 senses is translated into the electro-chemical language of our central nervous-system. This electro-chemical language can also be described as LIGHT! And color is light.
Connecting the colors with qualities of life and then projecting it to your own unresolved issues and past life fragments, color becomes esoteric.
Esoteric means “meaning” or inner meaning – to discover the deeper layers of meaning are a life process and it is the evolution of consciousness.
Esoteric color means that you visualise, feel and experience the qualities of the vibrations of colors.
It is an awakening of the “inner eye”. And it is to become more and more aware of the qualities of color. Both the “physical” colors and the colors of the radiant bodies (aura).
When you have a profound sense of what esoteric color means – you can start adding it to esoteric breathing and sound.
This is a very powerful tool for transformation and expanded consciousness.

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