Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Soul Mates

When a person does what he/she loves, chooses what that love is and lives thru the principle/ feelings of what they love, the rest of life falls into place as if the puzzle pieces of their mind are harmonized by a power far greater than mere conscious ability to solve their own dilemmas. Love is a feeling.Impressions come from feelings, thus when one feels they are in love, everything in their Universe is beautiful. The question is, what should we love? Should we love other people? I think we need to love 'ourself' more... I've wasted a lot of time in my life loving others, expecting the same in return. I have decided now that it was ok to love these undeserving persons. Why? Because I felt better at the time because of this enriching vibration of LOVE we bring to ourself as indiviuals.
Another question, do we feel we have to have the same soul mate in every life? Believing in reincarnation, I feel we do need to contact these people who come to us as lovers, teachers or just plain 'pains-in-the-butt' to feel for-filled in life. Do we always recondnize them? That is another question...we don't always realize these indiviuals till they have passed out of our life.Sometimes never.We must stay open-minded when dealing with others. Then we can get the full message of what they were trying to help us learn in our life. It may not always be a pleasant experience and karma needs to be worked out so we can move on into the next illusion of time.

I was think'in about my past affairs the last day or so after reading the book, "Soul Mates- Honoring the Mysteries of Love and Relationships" by Thomas Moore. For some unknown reason,I picked up this book back in the summer of 2009 at a flea market I attended. It sat on my kitchen table at the Woodstock Road house for months till I finally threw it in my book case. When I moved here a 2 years ago in April, it fell out a box coming thru the door and I almost tossed it into the stuff for the Sally-Anne store but because my daughter, Tiffany was here, she put it safe back into my book case, telling me, knowingly, I would read it : )
Last week while dusting, I noticed it again, so picked it out and put it on my night table...must read this, I guessed. I picked it up last night, read the first chapter then thumbed to the back and ,basically, this is what I read there.

'The Alchemy of Intimacy- a state of 'prima materia' or being too tantalizing is what attracts someone to us. Its got nothing to do with love and everything to do with intuision. Knowing what the other 'soul' needs to survive.'

I can whole heartly agree with this. Its got me in trouble too many times and I'm sure this is what I was suppose to learn from this book. If you make someone too happy, they expect more happiness. Try not to make the other soul mate too happy or YOU will be miserable. What I already knew and avoid, so I guess I can say, I AM LOVED, by me!