Sunday, February 21, 2010

Febraury 21, 2010

       A lots happened the last few days...some I can talk about and some for another time as the saga unfolds I keep note of the animal nature of human beings  : (...Mainly still surviving the winter.It's been mild the last few days and the horses have been enjoying the first of the green from beneath the snow as it melts off. Of course with thawing snow somes the first of spring peeking thru and a taste of whats to come in the next month or so.Got to enjoy a outing on Sunday and had supper a few close friends. The meal was delicious especially the fresh mint jelly.Had never had this before and loved it! ♥

      Went to Pembroke on Saturday  to look at the Marina and get a few pictures with my long time friend, Annie Harding. She is a published Poet from our area and is working on her latest book so needed some new material. We saw lots of fishing vessels and beautiful beach.The tide was up so got to hear and see the surf pounding on the rocks. I miss this now that I live in-land again. Made me a bit home-sick for my little beach at Short Beach in Yarmouth County where I used to spend my free time walking the coast in search of lost buoys and fresh herbs. Hoping to spend more time there once the weather warms up as the coast there is almost impossible to reach now that the wharf is gone and boats that once tied up there have moved down the coast to the Sandford wharf. This once well used road and the bait shacks have literally fallen into the sea so have to walk thru a snow covered field to reach it. Its ghostly to see and remember the once bustling little fishing community it once was.The once shining fish plant is abandoned with doors swinging in the wind and scavened equipment lays rusting on the water soaked floor. Sad...