Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pyrite Find

Walking the beaches of my native Nova Scotia is always a joy for me. This week, after working a 12 hour shift. I stopped at one of my favorite 'haunts' and decided to walk towards the cliffs of Clare's coast. After walking a mile or so along the rocky beach I noticed there was a glimmer in the rock above me. Going over...lo and behold, there was a large pyrite deposit among the rock there. What a treat to see the veins of pryite working thru the black stone! I did find a sample to bring home for my collection too .A large piece had broken off and I now have this to remind me of the find : )


Iron Pyrite or Fool's Gold: (with iron) One of the most grounding stones in use today. Conducting, Energizing, Increases Wealth. Used for focus, practicality, logic, memory, clearing fuzzy thinking/scatteredness etc. like Hematite. Helps Yellow Chakra: Stomach, intestines, ulcers; sulfur and mineral assimilation, circulation, body acidity imbalances, depression, illusions/lack of clarity about situations/people. Great for grounding spiciness after meditation/psychic readings. Represents Sun's golden energy. A mineralized crystal that forms in clusters of metallic like cubes. Color varies from a bright gold or brass to shades of copper or green. Found in most of North America as well as in Chile and Peru. "Fool's Gold". Beneficial to the respiratory and circulatory systems. Connected to the transfer of oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream. Helps the skin protect itself from the elements, and also aids the digestive tract, lessening irritation by ingested toxins. The most important gift of Pyrite, though, is its ability to aid mental capacity. Helps to balance creative and intuitive impulses with scientific and practical ones. communication skills can also improve with the help of Pyrite, which eases anxiety and frustration. Strongly suggested for people who tackle large conceptual ideas in business, the arts, or education. Effective in attracting money to its owner. The stimulation of the mind can be enhanced by using Pyrite in conjunction with Fluorite and Calcite.