Friday, August 29, 2014

Nova Star Cruises sold over 20,000 visits in August!

I'm proud to say the Yarmouth to Portland ferry service is turning into a success for the Nova Scotia people! I'm off to a celebration with staff this after-noon as August say over 20,000 persons visiting both Canadian and US shores!

Nova Star: More than 20,000 tickets purchased in August
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With three sailing days remaining in August, the latest figures showed that 20,206 tickets had been purchased for passengers to travel onboard the new cruise ferry Nova Star this month, linking Portland and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.
More than 20,000 tickets purchased to sail in August put the current August average at 652 passengers per day, which is in line with Nova Star Cruises' goal to host between 500 and 700 passengers per day on average during its peak season, the cruise ferry service reported.
"Nova Star's August passenger numbers provide confidence that there is a growing market in the U.S. and Canada for the ferry service and that awareness of the ferry services is beginning to be re-established after an almost 5 year hiatus of service," said Mark Amundsen, President and CEO, Nova Star Cruises.
Nova Star Cruises attributed the 20,206 passengers in August, 55 percent more than July's 13,043 passengers, to many factors, including positive customer feedback on social media, marketing efforts, new rates and packages, onboard events and warmer weather.
"We are continuing to focus on driving more passengers and visitors to Nova Scotia for the remainder of the season and are making important travel and motor coach contacts to secure reservations for next year and beyond," said Amundsen.
Nova Star Cruises recently announced that it has partnered with Atlantic Tours and North American Traveler to offer packages for its guests, including travel on the Nova Star to New England to shop in Freeport, catch a Broadway production of "The Lion King" in Boston, or take in the sights of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.
The Province of Nova Scotia signed an agreement with STM Quest Inc., a joint venture of Quest Navigation Inc. of Maine and ST Marine Ltd. of Singapore, to restore the Yarmouth-Portland ferry service. The Cat, which operated from 2006 to 2009, was the last ferry service between the two regions.
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Passengers board the Nova Star cruise ship for its maiden voyage, starting out from the Ocean Gateway in Portland on Thursday evening, May 15, 2014. The ferry will carry passengers to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and back during the season that begins today and runs until Nov. 2.