Monday, February 28, 2011

Febuary 28 ,2011

Last day of February...seems like we haven't really had much of a winter this year. I only had to shovel out my car twice. Both times this month. The weather has been fairly mild this winter with only a few really cold days of -15 at the coldest.

I went to my monthly drumming circle last night with 9 other ladies. Every time we host one here different people seem to show up. I always say its because they were 'suppose' to be there.

My friend Shelly helped me open our circle. Some of the others are Christian and are always thrilled with the preparations and calling of the quarters. I tell myself its because its in our DNA to accept the natural 'presense' we all come from ♥ We had a visit from a herd of 7 deer who munched happliy on her Juniper bush . They were very friendly and walked to the windows were we were drumming.

Here are a few photos I took. Hope you enjoy!