Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sand Beach, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

I took time this morning to walk one of my child-hood haunts. Sand beach was a regular place myself and my cousins visited as children We would walk on warm days to play in the water and sand eating our peanut-butter sandwiches with bottles of pop bought at Ernie's Grill on the way. There were sand dunes there then...and we would slid down them on our bellies, laughing loudly in the warm sand. How I wish I could go back and appriecate them more now...Its sad to walk there now and look at the litter, remains of a oil spill that happened back in the '60's and watch the people ride around on their 4-wheelers, not noticing the wild life abounding there...: ( On the low tide, you can walk across the stone 'bar' and visit a huge rock in the harbour. This was always a fasination to us and we loved to sit in the little island watching the fishing boats pass to the Yarmouth Wharf.I hope people will visit there and help pick up the trash so it will once again be beautiful ♥ How the beach should look...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9_FAa3mQFc