Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day

A Cheese Omelete and Canadian Ham : )

I'm looking forward to the week-end and the Thanksgiving holiday. I'll be attending a dinner on Sunday at my Son's home with him, the Grand Babies, my daughters/daughters-in-law plus other family. I want to wish my other Canadian followers a joyous Turkey Day and hope you get to bless those in your lives with your presence. If not, enjoy the solitude that a holiday brings to the Spirit-with-in ☼

Loves U 2 ♥

Soul Shift, Revelation and Self Fullness

(Maggie down-Town Yarmouth,NS)

~define Self-Fullness- Realizing we are complete with-in our own Universe. Love inside and outside ♥

Had another session last night with my Soul Shift study group on the Chapter called Me to You, how to change from focusing on ourself to focus on others. First thing I realized was this turned me off totally. Why? All the problems I've had the last few years with others trying to be in my business...We all know who those are from my comments here and I've know I've developed a bad relationship with myself because of this. Unforgiveness that won't go away... Remembering this I must try to focus on the fact I DON"T have to deal with them in my personal everyday life. A good thing...for now. Matthew 5:44-48
P.S.-note to self- those that hate us will kill themselves with their own condition.

I was surprised by comments by others about people they love. Most said THEY WERE FEELING GUILTY BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T " LIKE" SOME OF THOSE PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THEIR NEGATIVE BEHAVIOUR. I spoke up, of course, and reminded some we can love these people in our life but we don't have to agree with them, put up with their actions or support activity that is considered negative by our SELF. We must, though, be self-full. Able to say we accept the way we are, also. If not,we are wrong pointing out their faults, as to me, this is a moral sin. Matthew 21:18-27

This morning, I attended session #3 of Revelation with Beth Moore, Chapter 2:1-7.
Every time I hear her it gets better and better! The message? Nikao...greek for overcome. Who is the church? We are the church, each one of us. My interpretation- If we are in zinc with Spirit, the planet, and our own self-fullness, our Christ will avenge us, save us, nurture us. The Universe is LOVE. Beth Moore told us ,"Let go of unforgiveness and give it to the Universe.". WoW! How many times have I said/done THAT! It Does work!

Beth Moore closed with saying:
1. Remember
3.Return to those first things...
then she whispered into her microphone, " Tree of Life"

Loves U 2 ♥