Wednesday, February 23, 2011

...another day off... : )

Another day off call from work so slept in till 9pm, first time in months! My dog Elfie finally rustled me out of bed because HE had to pee! Planning a trip to Town today to visit my friends at The Whole You- Mind, Body & Soul- New Age Esthetics . I became part of their team last year but because of my regular job I haven't been in much to read... Their planning a psychic fair in April so must ask for that day off so I can attend...

I was lying in bed watching the light from my prisms dance on the wall in the early morning light. It reminds me of all the beauty we miss in our daily lifes. If only we could stop and look around us more...our lives are so busy, our minds always in motion with a million ideas and decisions screaming for our attention. Its not often we slow down and try to connect with our centre. Most of us are like plants growing in the shade...we reach for the light and become spindly and weak. Really we have to know that the light is with in us, to be quiet so the glow will come to us ♥
Prism photo by Me (Please ask permission to re-post)>