Friday, January 25, 2013

Resolutions for a New Year





"That was deliberate!That was deliberate!" 
~Gimli  from Lord of the Rings


Doing things on purpose is what we try to do as humans. As we know, we all get caught up in the distractions. Things that take our mind away from what we are trying to do to succeed. Trying to do things to get results, we must on

 Purpose to do the right thing. Making relationships work, paying bills on time, eating right for health, saving that $20 bucks out the pay every time is what makes the difference. If we sit and wait for it to happen, it never will on its own.

Being Spiritual is the same. We must work at this to become more aware of how God is trying to help us.

Our motto should be: "Be a Christ centered person, becoming like a disciple who will sacrifice, love and serve to help my community in any way I can."

What does Christ centered person mean, you might ask me? I define Christ centered person as a kind, humane believer in a higher source that bringing health and healing sought by faith, with-out medical treatment  : )


Be stubborn about doing the right thing, even if it’s just making sure your empty Tim's cup makes it to the right recycling bin.

How to do this-

1- Focus daily on what you want- 1 Corinthians 3:6-9

2-Get rid of distractions-Philippians 1-11

3-Trust-a act of faith, that as you lose your old self, a new one will develop! Luke 17:20


So the mural to 'Resolutions for a New Year' are, Give up the un-needed, take up what you need to change and Journey on!