Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Crystal Ridge

I was on a woods walk along the Digby/Yarmouth line the other day and come upon a large ridge of exposed white/ mauve crystal boulders about 200 feet from north to south exposed to the sun. It was beautiful to see in the natural sun light. The area is a well known geologist site for amethyst , clear quartz and beryl because of ancient volcanic activity in the area. Even amethyest sand appears in the local lakes.  My walk to the local spring for a jug of water was lovely with lots of wild life in the wood. Deer, partridge, porcupine, raccoons and wild cats not to mention the hundreds of song birds now build their nests to raise young.
The ridge runs from upper Corberrie, Digby county to Hardscratch Rd in Yarmouth and is exposed in many places along the way.

LINK- Crystal Ridge