Monday, September 17, 2012

My Beth Moore Symacast Report ☼

What happened to me on Saturday...I was invited by my Church to attend the Beth Moore symacast. It was a day long event with just under 100 women attending from my area plus another 167000 word-wide ava live internet broad cast. It was well organized, there were lots of extra(door prizes,Subway lunch,chocalote,flowers,ect), vendor's selling Christian literature, crafts and,lo and behold, natural stone jewelery! Plus the experience opened a whole new door for my intake on the Christian Divine. Beth Moore caught myattention with her talk of a Supernatural God, women's role in religion and accepting that God does work for those appointed to us in human form. The 'lesson' was based around the Israel's Covenant history in the Old Testament parable 2 Kings 4:8 to 37, where the prophet Elisha gives a gift of a child who dies then brings that child back to life for the Shunammite woman...sort of a reiki healing type power surge, or so it seemed to me from the description of the procedure in the bible scripture.

Beth Moore gave a sermon on the needs of women with God-as an example: Girl A- who has almost nothing and Girl Z who has almost everything and where we fit into that...of course as my friends know, I'm the Princess of quite a lot!

Also,her 7 Crown topics which were-
1- Personal desperation can jar us out of second hand-stories.
~Me? My answer to that was these often appear from others to keep us on track of our own personal truth.I try not to listen to second hand stories...
2-God didn't call you to 'fine', God called you to faith.
~Me?I want to live in the supernatural provision of God which was what Beth Moore agreed...If you have everything you need, then you need a bigger life. I NEED a MIRACLE! What can I do? Do it myself...
3-Fear is the crippler of a walking talking miracle.
~Me? Each of us are called here to be a walking talking miracle, called to tell our story by the Divine. Acts 18:9-10
4-Faith trusts that every call to forsake is also a call to take.
~Me? We are not called to teach but to tell- John 1:16
5-Faith faces the fact that there is no formula.
~Me? I say there's no fixed way to solve our problems.Some times its our failure that's a victory or a victory that is the failure. Be forgiving, you can lose, Ye Ge...
Love someone who hates you.
6-Faith rests its case on the resurrection of the dead. Galatians 1:4-5
~Me? I AM the walking dead, but I do believe. Galatians 1:11-12
7-The Lord speaks the word and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng. Psalms 68:11
~Me? Thats what we came to hear..right, Girls? note- we all love a surprize... : )
Amon to that!
P.S.- I've also had a invitation to the Ladies Spa weekend September 22 with my new Sisters ♥