Saturday, February 13, 2010

........."Save our Cat"..........♥

Long time friend, Doreen Sauliner stands in front of her family's home. She along with many will lose their jobs because of the loss of the "Cat" ferry in Yarmouth,Nova Scotia.

 Well, as most of my friends know I have been unemployed now for 9 months and still no sign of a job, not for lack of looking. Did work briefly for a wonderful resort, Trout Point Lodge in Kemptville Nova Scotia but because of a slow tourist season was let do prematurely so back on "EI" I goes. ( lost over night in the woods,too but thats another story...)Trying to get back into school only to find out the course I wish to take maybe full  so will have to wait maybe another year to attend...crap...and time ticks on...Still doing the Volunteer Special Constable Investigating for Nova Scotia Provincal SPCA in Halifax which gives me lots of things to do while waiting for the right job to turn up.
Meanwhile, lots of other citizians here face the same problem .They will  not have a job and the possiblity of losing ALL they have worked for because of no work in this end of Nova Scotia to support the thousands that will be affected by the lost of our Cat Ferry to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. This ferry brings Tourists to the area in the Spring to Fall season to visit our Provience and take in the many festivals and sights in our beautiful Town and country side. Its amazing how the local politicians have let this happen to our small struggling town. For the last twenty years tons of money has been spent on up-grading and redoing the public areas.
Still the locals are trying to approach Goverment in hope of saving the ferry. Lots turned up today to make a music video that will be sent to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Hopefully he likes Cats and will respond favorable when he sees others want this "Cat:" to stick around...

Save our Cat and Town