Thursday, February 11, 2010

Surviving February 2010

After weeks of blah weather yesterday was a basking +5 celius degrees so braved out into the frozen world for some exercise and fresh air. Having lived here all my life I love the ocean so went to the Churn for a walk along the shore then to the light house stopping at the John's Cove beach for a walk on the beach & into the forest there. Found some lovely old trees scarred by time and weather. Its amazing how they live thru the cold winds and salt air with our coast often under seige of stormy winter weather. Others were out enjoying the day with their dog and I seen lots of wild life roughing it out in the bush, was accually able to get a picture of a big doe who calmly looked back at me a hundred feet away with out blinkning an eye! Very brave ♥
Hoping the ground hog was wrong and I'm able to begin enjoying more of the beaches soon!