Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Maud Lewis -looking for Maud

I spent the day Saturday driving with my friends, Sandra Phinney, a local writer and Vickie Hamilton, also a publish author, to view the 'supposed' last resting place of Maud Lewis. Maud was a Nova Scotia Folk artist that lived in the Yarmouth/Digby area back during the 1900's. Her life was a simple one, very poor, living in a one room house some times with her friend, Everette Lewis and some times living in Yarmouth with relatives. She disappeared during the late 1970's after leaving her estranged husband, never to be seen again. No one know for sure what happened to her, but her art lives on to this day.
We viewed the grave site in North Range Rd, I tried to imagine her presence there. Personally, I would be surprised if any of the people listed on the grave stone had their final resting place in that cemetery. Not sure why that impression...
(Note that the birth/death dates are not all mentioned on stone.)Link here
Stopping to look at the information center in Digby, we looked at the re-creation of some of Maud's folk art decorating the building. It was wonderfully done ♥
After we ate lunch at the Fundy restaurant on Main Street in Digby. The food was wonderful and well presented. I had the oven baked haddock with a flaky crust plus a Cesar salad. For dessert, it was key lime pie with whipped creme, hummmmm!

 After taking in the restaurant, we went to the local quilting shop,Complete-Fabrication, to meet the Digby Strippers - a quilting bee and view the quilt made in honor of my great-Aunt Maud Lewis. The ladies were lovely and chatty. I'm looking forward to see them again soon : ).
Here's some photo's of my adventure. Hope you enjoy!



A view from the Fundy Restrant

Info center in Digby painted in honor of Maud Lewis


Maud Lewis quilt

                                                             Digby Strippers Quilters Link