Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20,2009

Man am I lazy! Over a year sense I wrote here so guess its about time I did! Been trying to get ready for winter, doing lots of canning and wood piling...hoping for a mild one now that I'm on my own! Don't want to shovel too much. My dog Elfie and I have been walking the trails in our new home trying to get familiar with the new forest around us. Have spotted lots of wildlife including deer, coyotes, porcupines and numerious birds of all discriptions!
I had a flock of Robins invade my back yard Rowan tree and eat all the berries in just a few hours.I had never seen a flock before so was quite a treat for me!My 2 cats were very interested too but never got the chance to try their luck,lol! Hoping to get some local herbs done too before the frost takes them and have gathered golden rod, aster root and bramble rose hibs for my larder.May need them with all the talk of swine flu!