Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Toast or No Toast...What a Question!

The roads down my way are becoming more treacherous!

I was up early yesterday making breakfast and walking into the bedroom to fix my hair, as usual, for got I was making toast with my camp toaster on the electric stove. Suddenly the smoke detector went off with the kitchen and living room full of smoke. I've been making my toast this way for over a year now sense the other hand-me-down toaster crapped out. Every time I go shopping, I would forget to buy one till I went to make toast that I needed a new one: (

This time, though, I wrote it down right away to stop at the Mall. Walking quickly to kitchenwares, so as not to forget why I went in I was shocked to see so many types of toasters. There were side loads, wide end slots and multiply entry models. Which to choose???
I settled for a high functioning Mercedes edition, complete with race stripe design. As I was proudly paying for my luxury toaster, another shopper stopped to admire with myself and the cashier, sharing a similar story as mine about burnt toast with a camper toaster that every day. Laughing I pointed to the kitchenwares, were she hurried, before she forgot she wanted one...