Friday, September 20, 2013

Yarmouth County Musuem Exhibit Event~ Up-dated~ AUCTION!

On July 13th the Yarmouth County Museum will open its Light House exhibit on Collins Street in the Gallery room. I have written a short story in collaboration with David Cain, a local artist. Hope locals can and view the wonderful painting he had done of the Bunker's Island Bug Light! There will be a auction of paintings on September 28 at 1pm. Call for more info 902-742-5539.
Here's my post-card story and sketches for your enjoyment ♥
                                                        Display for September 28,2013 Auction
                                                             "As it Was"
                                                           "As it Is"
                                                            "As it Will Be"

A Bug Light Memory

A soft breeze blows in from the south as I walk the long grassy path to my old childhood home-stead, looking at the cement pillars and concrete pads in the grass, reminders of Grand-father’s tales, quarantine hospitals, unmarked graves and stormy skies.

Reaching the end of land at the tip of Ram’s Horn, I can still see Mother standing on tip-toes to hang the laundry. Father walks towards the light tower door. Ascending the steps, he checks the beacon, as he does every day.

My brother’s and I would gather our buckets to search the beach just beyond for lobsters and periwinkles hidden in the sea weed of low tide. I see my oldest sister standing in the door way of the house holding the baby for Mother. She calls after us, reminding us to be back by supper and high tide. 

A long call of the fog horn echoes out from the light house as Father sounds it. We look to the mouth of the harbor, just to be sure the fog mist isn’t gathering there. We would need our long shirts on if it did. A happy time it was.

I feel the warmth of the sun quietly as I listen to the sea telling me her stories. Fishing boats move out against the current on their way to the fishing grounds. Yacht’s pass with excited sounds of adventure they pass to the winds. I look to a new beacon as she stands alone in the tides.

As time passes my eyes turn to the East to see the evening star rise. The light begins to illuminate as earth turns day to night. Realizing the signal comes from above to the light; I also turn and begin the walk back home.

© Beverly Wells-Pinkney, All rights reserved.