Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Kitties ♥

made this video in December 2010 of my kittens. I rescued their feral Mother back in September and ,of course, the next day she gave birth to 4 babes. I already had 2 adult neutered males, Shamas & Alfred plus my dog, Elfie living in the house with me. I can tell you life is never dull now...♥

Feb 27, 2011

Looking out at the snow coming down today...wondering if I'll get to my drumming circle later...
: (

Took a leisurely drive to Meteghan yesterday to pick up my on-line auction 'win'...a beautiful 6 inch rose quartz. i've been collecting semi-precious stones for years and couldn't resist this beauty ♥ This is a picture of it along with my rose quartz and Heliotrope (bloodstone) wands.

I noticed on the way that where was a ship at the dry dock in Meteghan River so i stopped to get a photo for my friend, Doug...he has a 'thing' for pirates and immediately put it on his facebook profile when I up-loaded it! So easy to make some people happy! The wind was really cold, -8 today, so I didn't stay outside the car too long in the sharp wind from the ocean. We had a rain storm followed by snow last night so even my door on the house was frozen shut this morning! Looking forward to warmer weather and beach walking...