Monday, October 15, 2012

Stones- a Reminise

The Universe sure works in mysterious ways sometimes...

Taking advantage of free time, back in September 2011, I went  to pay homage to the stones carvings and rock altar what  I had found over the last 3 years. When arriving, I went to the shore to sit among the rocks before climbing up the hill to view 'Utter'. Clearing away any energy from me and meditating in the cool September air, many thoughts came to mind. I wondered for an answer to my question of where it is I'm going, what task lay before me now and thanking the Universe for my many blessing/ lessons of the last 10 years.

I noticed then at my feet were several large pieces of blue stone I hadn't seen before. Picking one up to examine I remembered this is quartzite used to make pipe bowl the native called 'peace pipes'. I choose a triangular shaped one for my rock collection and put it in my bag.

   Then, looking up, I could see a man, standing above me on the bluff. What a surprise it was to see him as I thought I was alone there, not being any other cars when I arrived...

 Gathering up my things to start up the hill, I wondered who this person was who stood so quiet and obviously watched me meditate. When I got to the top of the bluff he was still there watching me.

  "Hello there." I said. "How are you this evening?  ” Fine." He told me, all smiles. I didn't recognize him but he did me! "I watch your videos on ‘YouTube’." he said. Sudden shock! I almost fell over remembering the recent one of me showing my toes while sitting in my bath tub, kittens walking the edge of it and lapping up the bath water...

"Really..." I exclaimed. "Yes, I enjoyed the view of Mavilette beach in the wind storm.” he smiled. O God !, I thought. We then went on to exchange names (Norm was his), talk about my potatoes growing (also on YouTube) and our love of the ocean. After I walked up the shore several hundred feet where a kind soul, (he told me his Uncle) had left lawn chairs. I sat in one looking out over the ocean waiting for him to leave so I could do my prayers in privacy.

  Looking out othe ocean,  Lo and behold, there was a schooner sailing on the horizon.I picked up my bionoculars out my bag to get a better look. Then, I looked to see if Norm had noticed it but he was back to me, looking the other direction. I decided not to disturb him ,going back to my observations.After what seemed like hours, He did leave, eventually and I made my way back to where the stone altar was I had found a few weeks before on the shore among the rocks. Taking the steel brush from my bag, I took sea water and scrubbed the paint graffiti from the altar as much as I could. I then said a cleansing prayer, asking for the negativity to be removed from this sacred place. Lying a heart shaped white quartz I had found on the beach on it, I read an offering prayer  to the Universe. The 'Utter' obliged me with a constant booming of gratitude after so long being un-noticed...AND defiled.  I watched the waves beat against the shore rocks, sending large  white foamy crests over them. I listened to the surf, seagulls calling and the sound of my own heart beating together with the cosmic rythumn of nature...feeling the Divine Love of All Creation with-in me. Sitting there watching the waves, I noticed a black harbour porpoise surface. It came to blow many times as I watched there. This gave me a great joy and 'wakening'. I had never seen one so close to shore before! How magic after asking the Universe to guide me


Walking back to my car after I went down the twisted path, between the hills of grass and sand. There, sitting among the hills was a white car. O No...I wondered who THAT was. I wondered if they have seen me...

Getting closer I saw it was 'Norm", my 'YouTube' fan.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" .he asked.

My heart jumped. I looked back at him thru the window of his car. I couldn't see any angel wings...

Sunday Shine

"Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you."
~John 15:16

It’s had been more than a year sense I have seen a woman from my Wednesday night bible study group. She was stricken with ALS more than a year ago, just before our initial introduction. Her husband had brought her to one of our study group’s pot-luck dinners were we were introduced. She was very weak at that time after being in the hospital, doctor’s tests and struggling to understand what was happening to her.
She was very quiet on that occasion, didn’t participate in the meal, really, plus left early because of fatigue. Our group has had regular up-dates on her condition and so we decided to visit her weekly on Sunday as she doesn’t feel she can attend services at the Church because of her health.
On Sunday, I dressed in my Sally-Anne new purple 2 piece suit and waited for my ride to her home to arrive. I and the bible study leader got there about 11:15 and I sat on her comfy couch to take in whatever study the leader had to say. Looking around her beautiful home, I noticed, of course, she had a crystal sphere chandler. It was beautiful hanging there and I tried to imagine what it would look like with the sun light shining thru it. Would it be many prisms or just one appearing on the wall across with all the crystals working together?
Our leader read the scriptures she’d selected, stopping to ask why the lady had decided to give her clothes away. She said she didn’t think she needed those clothes anymore. I told her in the bible it says ‘we are born naked and naked we leave’; she looked at me laughed at that, finding it very funny. There were pots of brightly colored Mums on her porch when we came in and I complimented her on those. It was obvious she loved flowers and had orchids inside in pots.
Our leader talked about how some people are made to suffer with illness, that God said ‘I am the vine and you are the branches. Our strength comes from him.’ I added also that when we are sick, not being able to do much, that God has tried to slow us down, taking more time to talk to him plus he speaks to us more. She got excited about that. She said she had been stricken with a bad back at one time in her life and God had sent a miracle for her, but she never explained what that miracle was… I read her a poem from my book, Graces, about nature and how we connect with it. Its all creation around us all the time ♥

The hour passed quickly and soon her husband arrived from the Church so it was time to leave. We gathered together to hold hands and pray. I held fast her cold hand; consciously I tried to warm it sending the warmth thru myself to her and asked for healing for this beautiful soul of a woman. Her hands warmed in mine and when I opened my eyes to look at her, she was looking wide eyed at me, smiling shiny. I smiled shiny back, too. She asked us both what we would want her to pray for each of us in the coming week.
I looked at her and said,” That I can become a better witness."

She gasped a deep breath, filling her lungs and exclaiming, “What? You already are a good witness!”

As we said our goodbyes, she complimented me on my purple suit. “Yes,” I said, " I was brave this morning and wore my purple for you.”

For God is my record - I call God to witness that I have the strongest affection for you all, and that I love you with that same kind of tender concern with which Christ loved the world when he gave himself for it; for I am even ready to be offered on the sacrifice and service of my faith,
quote- Philippians 2:17.