Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19,2011

Working 12 hour shifts for the last few weeks so haven't had much going on elsewhere. I did have some company stop in for breakfast the other morning and decided to make some home-made pancakes with home-made brown syrup for a treat. This causes a rave as they told me those pancakes were better than McDonald's.I worked there many years ago here in Yarmouth cooking breakfast so guess I still have the knack for their quisine plus remember the secret ingredient.
I imagine if word gets out I'll have to start my own franchise... : )

I'm finding lots of white quartz stones with tiny points of clear quartz showing tiny holes on my favorite beach. Very pretty. I didn't know we had such things here till recently. My camera was lost also this last month and noone has turned it in at the Walmart yet where I accidently left it. Hoping to have a new digital one soon so pictures of these can be added.