Thursday, June 18, 2015

Canada Day Pending...

On July1st 2015 Canada Day will once again be celebrated in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

I’ll be in Canada in Nova Scotia, waving around a maple leaf with a bunch of other Nova Star workers at the Yarmouth Ferry Terminal (and a fellow Americans) saying hello to those who venture both sides of the border to see your wonderful country. The Nova Scotia province will celebrate flags, fire-works, cake and music festivals of all kinds! The Nova Star ferry has planned a celebration for travellers to show appreciation to our south of the border friends.
As a birthday tribute, here are a few things I love about my home country
1) Canadians really are friendly and fun. That’s not just a stereotype, it’s actually true. Canadians are more polite, more laid back, easier to get along with, and they almost never sue anyone. Atlantic Canada, where I’m from, can be compared to the American south for its hospitality.
2) It’s gorgeous. There’s a lot of land up here! That’s because the entire population of Canada is about equal to the entire population of California. So when you’re looking for unspoiled nature and you can’t get to Alaska, try coming up here.
3) The French. Acadians and Quebec's alike they bring culture. The pockets of French communities throughout the Maritimes and Canada give it character and flair. 
4)  Poutine. Speaking of the French, have you tried poutine? French fries golden smothered with gravy and mossa cheese, yummy. 
5)  The Newfoundlanders- My ancestors in my family tree...coming to NS in the early 1900's. If you want to meet the kindest, funniest, and most talented people in North America, travel to the island of Newfoundland.  If you have lots of time on your hands go in the winter and you may get stuck there drinking beer and listening to local stories at a village pub for months. 
6)  It’s clean. Almost everyone I know who’s traveled to Canada says, “I can’t believe how clean it is!” This is because no one litters here. Throwing a wrapper out a window or dropping trash on the ground is akin to frowned upon. Not cool, and not done. And while there may be far more important issues to be so uptight about, it does make for a clean enviroment.
On my last day of High School, I was blessed with a scholarship to NSCC. I arrived to their office full of excitement and good intention to meet with Mr Avis, the councller there. He had looked over my marks to see what classes I would be best suited for. He suggested a mechanical trade and asked me to join his elite group of understudies for a surveillance course, on the sly...I said yes and the rest is those who NO... a puny : )

At my ' graduatiojn' he asked me what I most wanted to be. I told him I was already in contract with God, he laughed, knowing my past, and agreed destiny would allow many adventures. After years now working as a officer with the Justice system, I'm thankful I lived in a country who believes. Not only in the multi-culture people here but that there is a Divine Creation to have faith in.