Thursday, January 3, 2013

Halos, Pillars,Sun Dogs and Weather

     (Sun Dog Photo)
I've been watching the sky most of my life, looking at the clouds, stars and changing seasons. One thing I've learned is that most weather can be perdicted my watching the Sun and Moon when physically visible. A halo around the moon can mean a storm with-in hours or days, depending on how large it is. My Great Grand Mother always told me that is a star was in the halo around the moon, that a storm would develop in a day, two stars then two days, ect. Sun Dogs are probably the most beautiful phenomenon, appearing at sun set and lasting only a few minutes. They tell of cold weather approaching, usually by morning. Pillars are storms in 12 hours. Many times I've seen these in the morning glow at the horizion. They sometimes have a 'peak' at the top, creating a illusion of a dove. Next time your outside, take time to look up and learn from nature what humans have know all along...our planet works with us!

        (Sun Pillar with dove)

Sun Dogs and Halos and Pillars