Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3,2011

Home today cleaning out my book case and found a bunch of short stories i wrote 3 years ago. Not sure how they got there as I moved to this home in April of 2009 and was sure they were lost for ever... Must of been the influence of my visit to hear the mystery of my friends "occurrence".

Seems she had given her Son a key chain that belonged to her Father ( now deceased) back in November of last year. The key chain had a penny made into it and the story was her father always said he would never be broke because of the penny. Her Son, who works in New Brunswick for a few weeks at a time then home for a few days, put his locker key for the job site on it.

When he came home for Christmas, he said he had lost his locker key and the key chain. This was very disappointing to him. While he was home it was decided he would take back to New Brunswick some winter clothing to use on the job. He packed his bag and put on a winter coat that had been stored in the closet for almost 2 years. Arriving in Digby he reached the Irving station, then went inside to get munchies for the ferry trip to St John, New Brunswick. Reaching into the pocket of the coat her felt something strange...putting it out it was his key & the key chain.

My friend wanted to know if I had any idea how this could of happened...

I had a similar experience when I worked at the shelter. I had lost a garnet earring at home, looked everywhere for it with no luck. I went to work a few days later, was on my knees cleaning a cat cage thinking what could of happened to the earring...suddenly, the earring dropped out of the air above me landing in front of me on the floor! This was witnessed by another employee as he was entering the room at about the same time. We both had no idea how this could of happened. ( ..he did mention it happened just as HE walked into the room which may of had some influence on this...funny guy he was ☼)

The only explanation I can give on all accounts is that we are cared for by the Universe...what we need it always there for us. Even if we need a small 'miracle' to keep us going ♥